2020 Women on Boards is pleased to announce our alliance with BoardSuited™, a new and innovative online education course designed to prepare senior executives to seek and be selected by public company boards of directors.

BoardSuited has been meticulously designed to provide busy executives like you with a deep understanding of board service and most importantly, the tools and assessments you need to create your own personal roadmap to the boardroom—based on your career experience—even if you have no prior corporate board service. This online education does not require travel or time-off work —it is designed for your convenience.

BoardSuited combines a robust curriculum with well-known subject matter experts and respected corporate directors representing some of the largest companies in the world who will impart their insights and specific guidance through online learning modules.

You will learn how boards operate, member roles and responsibilities and utilize tools to assess your network and social presence as well as creating your board CV, bio and pitch.

Boardsuited educates, prepares and empowers you for board service.

Enroll today to take advantage of our introductory offer exclusive to 2020 women on boards by using the discount code 2020wob and save $300! Your future board seat awaits.